Don't Sign a Mortgage Sight Unseen

Turn to a trustworthy property inspector in Tarpon Springs & Palm Harbor, Clearwater, FL & surrounding areas

When examining a prospective home for your family, you may be able to spot obvious problems that need to be addressed. Without a trained eye and the proper equipment, however, you'll miss the issues hiding below the surface of the home. Are you willing to risk your investment and your family's safety on a property that hasn't been inspected properly?

Fortunately, you won't have to look far for a professional property inspector in Tarpon Springs & Palm Harbor,Clearwater, FL & surrounding areas. Steve's Inspection Services can perform all of the inspections you need. Our lead inspector is certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors and has been performing inspections since 2003. You can trust us to conduct a thorough inspection to give you a clear picture of the property you're thinking about purchasing.

Reach out to us today to make sure you have all the facts about that property before you sign on the dotted line.

commercial property, Palm Harbor fl

Don't move your company into a faulty building. Call us now for a comprehensive commercial property inspection.

residential home, Palm Harbor fl

Are those floor boards just squeaky or is there a deeper issue? Hire our ASHI-certified residential property inspector to know for sure.

infrared inspection, tarpon springs fl

The important features of your home deserve a closer look. We use infrared technology to inspect your ceilings, floors, walls and electrical fixtures.

For the Realtor

Send your homebuyers our way - we'll make sure their prospective properties are inspected thoroughly. We offer wind mitigation and four-point inspections.

What type of inspection do you need?

Our certified inspector can perform a variety of inspection services, including:

We can also inspect seawalls and boat lifts. Contact us right away to get your inspection completed by a certified professional.

Florida Home Inspector Licensing- In July 2010, licensing took effect for Home Inspectors in the state of Florida. Though an important measure, licensing is a "minimum requirement" and should not be the "be all... end all" when seeking out a professional home inspector. The State of Florida has now "grandfathered" in over 5,000 home inspectors, many of whom have never performed a home inspection.

This is where ASHI comes in. All inspectors listed here are licensed and certified ASHI Members and ACI, (certified by an independent 3rd party.) or associated working toward their certification.

Hire us to take a closer look

There are some property issues that even a trained eye can't spot. To uncover those issues, we use infrared technology to search for thermal anomalies in the ceilings and walls.

Call us now at 727-698-5802 to schedule an inspection ASAP.

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Florida Professional Home Inspector

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American Society of Home Inspectors

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Florida Association of Building Inspectors

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